Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting hours

We recommend visiting from 8 am until 8 pm, after that time we lock our doors as most residents are asleep. But you are welcome to visit 24 hours a day. Please call in advance for after-hours visits to ensure access.

What is a skilled nursing facility (SNF)?

A skilled nursing facility provides 24-hour licensed nursing care. A SNF primarily provides services for patients and residents who require medical or nursing care and/or therapy services for the rehabilitation of injured, disabled, or sick person.

Is a skilled nursing facility like a hospital?

A nursing home is not a hospital. Many people enter a nursing facility after a hospital stay and tend to think of the nursing facility as an extension of hospital care. A skilled nursing facility is much different. Medical, rehabilitative, and nursing care is provided as needed by health care professionals and dedicated caregivers. Yet, at the same time, nursing facilities try to be homes where people can feel comfortable and find familiar faces.

Nursing facilities do not have restrictive visiting hours like hospitals. Family members and friends are encouraged to visit. Whenever possible, the residents will eat in a dining room rather than in their rooms. Various activities and outings are offered each day to stimulate and entertain residents. Most family pets may make prearranged visits.

What should a new patient or resident bring?

Light clothing and personal items should be brought along with items that will warm their heart, such as family photos, small keepsakes, or a treasured blanket or pillow. All items must be labeled. We encourage you to visit the facility ahead of time to see what items would be most appropriate.

What should I leave at home?

While we encourage people to bring a few personal items, please leave jewelry, valuables, large amounts of money, purses/wallet, electrical items, including extension cords, space heaters, and electric blankets at home or with a loved one.

Can I bring my personal medications?

No, all medication, even over-the-counter, must be administered by one of our care team members after admission.

When will therapy/rehab begin? Will therapy occur seven days per week?

Therapy typically begins within 24 hours of admission and is offered 7 days a week. Our goal is to get you started as soon as possible so you can return home quickly.

Who will be my doctor? When does the doctor visit?

If your loved one’s primary care physician (PCP) will not come to the facility an attending physician will be assigned and will coordinate the transfer of care with your loved one’s PCP. Typically, our physicians make weekly rounds. Upon transition, we will work with your loved one’s PCP to transfer records and their care plan.

How long will my loved one stay at the nursing home under their SNF benefit?

While the average length of stay in a skilled nursing facility can be three to four weeks depending on the condition, every patient’s road to recovery is unique and based solely on the individual care plan and therapy progress

Will I have any privacy?

Most resident rooms have two beds. Each bed has a privacy curtain to be drawn around the bed during personal care. There is also a bathroom/shower for each room.

Will I have a voice in my care plan?

Our team strives to maximize independence and honor patient preferences. It is a patient’s legal right to make choices about activities, schedules, healthcare, and other aspects of their life. A resident council, which is a self-governed body in our nursing facility, provides an opportunity for residents to become actively involved in addressing their concerns to staff and to one another. When it comes to treatment decisions, some patients choose to shift decision-making responsibilities to their children or others.

Can my loved one receive mail?

Mail is delivered to residents personally on a daily basis except for weekends and holidays.

Riverside Village Healthcare Center
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Consider using our Send a Greeting feature on the website. You can choose from a variety of postcards to fill out and mail to your loved one for a small fee or you may type a message and through email, send us your email greeting that we will hand-deliver to your loved one residing in our facility. Our email feature is free of charge.

What do we do if we have personnel concerns?

Our primary concern is that your loved one feels comfortable here and that their needs are being met. You should feel secure and at ease with our staff, particularly those providing direct care. If you have any concerns or praise for our staff, please feel free to contact our social services department. They will be able to address any apprehensions you may have regarding any particular staff members.

What is an Ombudsman?

An Ombudsman is an advocate for residents. They are a third party person NOT employed by the facility who comes by the facility periodically to monitor the activities of the facility. They are not able to tell the facility what to do but are able to be a voice for a resident with a concern.

Who do I talk to about questions in regard to financials, billing, and/or admission paperwork?

We employ a full-time Business Office Manager for all financial and billing concerns. Should you have any questions regarding these matters please make an appointment to see our Business Office Manager by contacting the front desk/receptionist.

The Admissions Coordinator will guide you through the necessary forms required on admission and review the rules and regulations regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and various insurances.


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